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Thank you for visiting Assistance For You! We have listed some links below that we believe may be helpful in your daily business. Links are updated periodically, so check back often. To add a free reciprocal link to your web site, click the link below.

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Small Business Administration
Provides valuable information and resources to support your business.
If you have an office, this site's for you. Good articles and tips.
Increase traffic to your web site with this service.
Great site! Great tools and tons of free webmaster resources.

Need Insurance? Click To Shop Rates.
Advertise your business or web site while sitting in traffic!
iShop...Do You?
The future of shopping is here! Purchase all your business and personal supplies online and enjoy member discounts too.
PurJava is a tasty, clean, and convenient alternative to the bitter, acidic coffees you've been drinking. And with less caffeine than other coffees, PurJava will not keep you awake at night or give you the midday jitters.

Easy - Cell Phone

PC Pitstop
Great site to get your PC in top running condition. Automated diagnostics and tips to help improve performance.
True "Champion of Small Business" site. Provides excellent articles, forms, advice and free newsletters. Find a form now.
An excellent merchant tool that allows you to send and receive money all with a few clicks. Accept credit card payments and checks from customers now in real time.
Real Life Products
Advertise your storefront on your checks. Offering personalized checks, notepads, and note cards. An excellent advertising or marketing tool!



Boogie Jack's Web Depot

Buy A Business/Sell A Business

Order A Santa Letter For Your Child 

Guaranteed Hits to your web site!DynamicExpedia.com Real Deals

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